Rosehill TPV® Rubber Granules

Why Choose Rosehill TPV®

Why has Rosehill TPV® been so successful so quickly?

Rosehill TPV® performs how we say it will. It offers better UV stability than even the world's best two EPDM suppliers and the evidence is down on the floor to be seen, touched and understood. Unlike most EPDMs it does not harden, feel harsh to the touch or gravel like aged EPDM rubber does.


Rosehill TPV® contains no harmful materials. It doesn't leach pollutants into the environment and meets internationally recognised standards. Being a non-toxic and non-allergenic product is very important for the environment as well as for the people utilising the surface.

Rosehill TPV® Benefits

  • QUV Weatherometre tested
  • Does not leach out black carbon or colour pigments
  • Will not fade to white over time
  • Good luminosity
  • Rubber granules are non-porous compared to EPDM.  This means that the polyurethane cannot be absorbed by the TPV and so the surface stays softer longer
  • Long wearing, high elasticity recovery
  • Colour consistency
  • Does not contain heavy metals.  Is non-toxic and non-allergenic
  • Flame retardant granules also available
  • Minimum dust level which achieves less Polyurethane usage
  • Complies to Australian standard ASNZ 4422:1986 as well as global standards BS EN 1177 and BS 7188
  • Available in 20 colours and 2 grades.

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Recognised Brand by Global Landscape Architects

Rosehill TPV® is globally recognised for its' unique premium quality virgin rubber. Made from anti-oxidants, UV stabilizers and pigments, it was developed to provide a more robust and versatile alternative rubber granule to what was previously available in the market.

It has been available in the Australasian market since 2008. Globally it has been around since 2003 and used in projects such as the London Olympic Stadium Circle Bridge, the Russian Olympic Games in Sachi, Disney, Sea World and Universal Studios.

Rosehill TPV® is highly valued by international architects and installers alike for its robust nature.


Rosehill TPV® complies with Australian Standard AS/NZS 4422, 'Playground surfacing specification", as well as International Standards BS EN 1177 and BS 7188.

With over 20 colours available Rosehill TPV® is the perfect rubber granule for any architect who designs outdoor or indoor leisure, sports and/or play surfaces. Rosehill TPV® will more than meet the requirements with outstanding durability and cost effectiveness.

Less Maintenance

Let's look a little closer at maintenance. While a premium product may cost more initially, it will cost far less to maintain compared to other products such as loose-fill materials or tiles. Why? Because advanced technology, research and development has been poured into the premium product, to produce a surface that does in fact go the distance.

Invest in the Best

No playground surface is perfect. And no material will last until eternity. That's why landscape architects should only provide clients with the most durable material that meets industry standards and fits within their budget and stand the test of time.