Solareye®80 | solar-powered light

Solareye®80 | solar-powered light

Surface Designs is the Australian Distributor for an exciting new products called Solareye Roof Light.

Solareye Roof Light is motion activated powered roof light.Design to help people to feel comfortable in portable conveniences or provide useful illumination to storage units, bike shelters and domestic sheds with Solareye Roof Light.

Key Features of Solareye Roof Light

Solareye Roof Light has some very unique features that set it ahead of conventional roof lighting. Here are some of the key features that make Solareye Roof Light so popular;

  • Powered by renewable solar energy
  • Fully sealed unit requiring no battery changes
  • In-built long life (8+ years) LFP battery
  • IP69 certified (dust proof and capable of withstanding high temperature, high pressure water and steam)
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Motion activated light - A hygienic and hands free lighting solution
  • Light sensitive auto on/off functionality means the light only activates when it’s dark outside

Product Information

Solareye Roof Light product, is designed in giving you the option for the perfect product to suit your needs.

  • During daylight, the solar panel harnesses energy from the sun and charges the battery. When it begins to get dark the inbuilt motion sensor will detect movement and automatically turn on.
  • When the motion sensor detects movement, Solareye Roof Light illuminates for 45 seconds and then switches off.

If motion is detected when the light is already on, the 45 seconds restarts, meaning the light will remain illuminated until no movement has been detected for 45 seconds.

  • From a full charge Solareye Roof Light will provide 1,500+ activations of 45 seconds
  • Without the need for electrical installation or external batteries, installation is simple. We cut a 83mm hole and insert a rubber washer to form a watertight seal. The Solareye Roof Light is then inserted through the hole and secured in place using adhesive, bolts or rivets.

To request a brochure or for further information on Solareye® Lighting products please contact us today!