Rosehill TPV® Rubber Granules

Polyurethane Binders

Rosehill Polymers have been developing MDI polyurethane binders for sports, play and industrial applications since 1989.

Surface Designs imports the high quality polyurethane binder from Rosehill Polymers. Again, to ensure you specify our polyurethane, you will need to state this in your documents as Flexilon Polyurethane by Rosehill Polymers.

It is unacceptable to mix two products from different manufacturers. The Contractor shall confirm binder source with the Principal's Representative.

We stock the following Rosehill Flexilon binders; in 25kg, 220kg and 1000kg units:

  • Flexilon 1248 Winter Grade for temperatures 3° - 24°C
  • Flexilon 1248 Summer Grade for temperatures 24° - 32°C
  • Flexilon 1258 Super Summer for temperatures 32° 38°C

These are high quality binders designed to work well with all rubber wetpour products.

We also have Aliphatic Polyurethane Binders.