Rosehill TPV® Rubber Granules

Specifying RosehillTPV®

How to Specify RosehillTPV®

Surface Designs is the sole importer and distributor of Rosehill TPV® for Australia & New Zealand. To ensure that you specify the original Rosehill TPV® by Rosehill Polymers please include the following in your specification paperwork:

Rubber Wear Layer brand name is:

  • Rosehill TPV® INPLAY 1-4mm
  • Rosehill TPV® INSPORT 0.5-1.5mm

The Rubber shall match the following characteristics:

The wear layer shall consist of Rosehill TPV®, purchased from Surface Designs or a reseller of Surface Designs. Rosehill TPV® is a fully cross-linked, non-spherical, polypropylene-free polyolefin elastomer-based coloured rubber granule with geometric granule.

Size of 1-4mm for Rosehill TPV® INPLAY and 0.5-1.5mm Rosehill TPV® INSPORT.

  • Appearance Angular granules
  • Full technical and safety data to be included with tender documentation
  • Rosehill TPV® INPLAY 1-4mm
  • Rosehill TPV® INSPORT 0.5-1.5mm

Brand Protection

Rosehill TPV® is a brand name synonymous with superior UV stability and long-term ageing properties. Protecting the true product and not an imitation is paramount. You may gasp, but it has happened many times where the product has been specified but not installed.

Rosehill Polymers found a way around this. We understand copying is flattery. However, it is not when it is done without your knowledge and in addition to that it is not when it is not the true product; a fake does not bring what you expect.

For Landscape Architects who specify Rosehill TPV® it would be a shame to realise that the product that has been installed is not the product you specified. So how do you know that you have the true product? A Certificate of Authenticity (read below).

Certificate of Authenticity

To ensure that you have the genuine installation of Rosehill TPV® we can issue you with a certificate of authenticity for your project. Please request that the successful installer provide you with this certificate for proof of legitimate Rosehill TPV® installed product. A Certificate of Authenticity can only be issued by Surface Designs.